Inspection Process at the Filene Center

Safety First!
For the safety and security of all of our visitors and staff, everyone entering the ticketed areas of the Filene Center is required to walk through a magnetometer and all packages will be inspected.

What will be inspected?
ALL containers and packages will be inspected. This includes: coolers, baskets, tote bags, purses, diaper bags and any and all other containers. You may also be asked that you shake out a blanket or jacket.

When and where will inspections take place?
Inspections will be done at all visitor entrance gates prior to scanning your ticket.

What are the size limits?
We now have size limits on all containers. The maximum allowable size for coolers is 18 in. x 16 in. x 12 in. For all other bags, the size limit is 14 in. x 13 in. x 10 in., which is the size of a standard reusable grocery bag or tote bag.

Is there an express lane?
Yes! Access Gate, located to the left of Main Gate near the Usher Cabin will be designated as an Express Lane. If you have no containers to inspect, or you are only carrying a purse, fanny pack, or blanket/tarp, you may use the Express Lane. Consider splitting your party between those who will be bringing containers into the theater and those without, so that some members of your group can take advantage of the faster Express Lanes.

What about re-entry?
If you leave the Filene Center at any time, your purse, bag, or cooler will be inspected upon re-entry, so take only necessary items with you. Your ticket will also be re-scanned.

Any other tips?
Be prepared! Open your bags, coolers, and purses. Empty your pockets of keys, wallets, and phones. Have your tickets pulled up or out and ready as you approach the gates. We’ll be scanning your tickets immediately afterward the security screening process.

What can I do to limit inspection delays?
Consider picnicking outside the theater at one of the numerous picnic areas located around the park and returning your cooler and packages to your car before the show. If your seats are in the covered pavilion, this is a particularly good idea, as no coolers, bags, food or beverages are allowed in the covered seating area (only water bottles). Once inside the ticketed area, the Filene Center’s concession stands offer a wide variety of food and beverages. For more information about the above options visit Dining at Wolf Trap.

Please follow the signs and guidance of park staff so that we can minimize delays and make your visit to Wolf Trap as hasslefree as possible!

Last updated: May 16, 2022

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