Both the pond and Wolf Trap Run are home to several species of fish. In April 2003 an inventory of fishes began.

The following fish have been identified either by park staff or by the National Capital Region Inventory and Monitoring Program as occurring in Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts:

Common Name Scientific Name

Eel, American

Anguilla rostrata

Shiner, golden

Notemigonus crysoleucas

Dace, rosyside

Clinostomus funduloides

Chub, creek

Semotilus atromaculatus


Semotilus corporalis

Chub, river

Nocomis micropogon

Stoneroller, central

Campostoma anomalum

Minnow, cutlips

Exoglossum maxillingua

Dace, blacknose

Rhinichthys atratulus

Dace, longnose

Rhinichthys cataractae

Minnow, eastern silvery

Hybognathus regius

Minnow, bluntnose

Pimephales notatus

Shiner, common

Luxilus cornutus

Shiner, satinfin

Cyprinella analostana

Shiner, spotfin

Cyprinella spiloptera

Shiner, comely

Notropis amoenus

Minnow, silverjaw

Notropis buccatus

Shiner, spottail

Notropis hudsonius

Shiner, swallowtail

Notropis procne

Shiner, rosyface

Notropis rubellus

Sucker, white

Catostomus commersoni

Chubsucker, creek

Erimyzon oblongus

Bullhead, yellow

Ameiurus natalis

Madtom, margined

Noturus insignis

Bass, smallmouth

Micropterus dolomieu

Sunfish, redbreast

Lepomis auritus

Sunfish, green

Lepomis cyanellus


Lepomis gibbosus


Lepomis macrochirus

Darter, tessellated

Etheostoma olmstedi

Darter, glassy

Etheostoma vitreum

Total Species


Last updated: April 10, 2015

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