Amy Post

Amy Post (1803-1889) and her husband Isaac, lived in Rochester, New York. They were Hicksite Quakers who joined the Thomas and Mary Ann M'Clintock and Richard and Jane Hunt in forming the new Progressive Friends or Friends of Human Progress in October of 1848.

Amy Post was also an ardent abolitionist and founding member of the New York Western Anti-Slavery Society in 1842. Post served on a committee with Mary Ann and Elizabeth M'Clintock to organize the first anti-slavery fundraising fair in western New York. Together the women raised $300.

The Posts are mentioned by Frederick Douglass in his letter to Elizabeth M'Clintock. Douglass wrote:

Dear Elizabeth, To be sure I will do
myself the pleasure of accepting
your kind invitation to attend
the proposed woman's Convention
at Seneca Falls. I think that one
or two or more of the Post
family will be present also.
Your notice did not reach me
in time for this paper -- but happily
I received one from our mutual
Friend Lucretia Mott. With
Dear love to the family
I am most Sincerely
Frederick Douglass
July. 14.(1848) Rochester

At the First Woman's Rights Convention, Amy Post participated in the second day's morning session where she and several others freely discussed the Declaration of Sentiments. She was also appointed to be on the committee to prepare the Proceedings of the Convention for publication.

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