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Research Portal

  • a scientist in caving clothes holding a water filter in a dark cave room

    Extremophiles of the Madison Aquifer

    Wind Cave's crystal clear lakes contain a surprising array of unique microorganisms.

  • a caver sitting on the edge of a clear blue underground lake

    Dye Tracing in Wind Cave

    Using various dyes, scientists can learn how water moves within the park and how it can be affected by human activities.

  • an adult male bison grazing in the open prairie against a gray sky

    Bison Genetics

    Wind Cave is home to one of the purest and most genetically diverse herds of bison in the world.

  • flames burn grass and saplings in an open forest

    Fire, Time, and Climate

    Fire is an important part of the park's ecosystems. Changes in climate may affect how often and intense future fires will be.

Last updated: August 30, 2020

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