Recommended Reading - Middle and High School

Bibliography, Middle School and High School

  • ___________________; Southwest Desert Wildlife, Terrel Publishing Co. 1997, 32 pages. Excellent photos for children of all ages. Text, Middle and High School.
  • Alan, Tony and Dr. Andrew Warren; Deserts, The Encroaching Wilderness, Oxford University Press, N.Y. 1993, 176 pages. Good reference book for High School students.
  • Brandenberg, Jim; Sand and Fog: Adventures in Southwestern Africa, Walker Pub. 1994. A color photo-essay about the Namibian Desert by a photographer on assignment for Natioinal Geographic.
  • Burton, Dr. Maurice; Deserts, Frederick Muller, Ltd. London 1974, 119 pages. An older book with good information about deserts.
  • Costello, David F.; The Desert World, Thomas Y. Crowell and Co. New York, N.Y 1972. An overview of North American desert life including plants, mammals, insects, birds and reptiles.
  • Cullen, Derek and John Murray-Robertson; Exploring Deserts, Silver Burdett 1988. Examines the forbidding terrain of the earth’s desert regions from the Sahara to the American Southwest and the Gobi desert to Australia. Illustrated with detailed artwork and color photographs.
  • Dykinga, Jack W. photographs with text by Charles Bowden; The Sonoran Desert, H.N. Abrams, New York, N.Y. 1992, 165 pages. Pictures and text of desert life in Mexico, California and Arizona.
  • Glass, Charles, Clive Innes and Marcus Schneck; Cacti, Chartwell Books, Inc. Edison, NJ, 80 pages. Good reference book for Middle and High School.
  • Hawkes, G.W.; Surveyor/G.W. Hawkes, MacMurry and Beck, Denver, CO 1998, fiction, 250 pages.
  • Hinrichs, Linda and Nikolay Zurek, photographs with text by Marjorie Leet Ford; Cactus, Collins Pub. San Francisco, CA 1995, 95 pages. Beautiful photography with text about cactus and their habitat. Younger children would enjoy the photography.
  • Holt, Carle; All About Saguaros, Arizona Highways Magazine, Phoenix, AZ 1991, 64 pages. Beautiful photography with interesting text about saguaro cactus in Arizona
  • Jaeger, Edmund C.; The North American Deserts, 1957 Stanford University Press, Stanford, California. A comprehensive picture of the five North American deserts.
  • Kappel-Smith, Diana; Desert Time, Little, Brown and Co., Boston, Ma. 1992, 262 pages. The author’s account of journeys through southwestern deserts.
  • Keller, Phillip W.; Under Desert Skies, A.S. Barnes and Co. New York, NY 1970, 257 pages. The author writes of his experiences in the desert and describes desert wilderness and the southern desert of the United States.
  • Kirk, Ruth; Desert The American Southwest, 1973 Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston, Ma. An informative book about the wildlife, plants and deserts of the American Southwest.
  • Krutch, Joseph wood; The Voice of the Desert, 1954 William Morrow and Co., Inc. New York, N.Y. A naturalist interprets life in the desert.
  • Lye, Keith; Our World: Deserts, Silver Burdett, Morristown, NJ 1987, 48 pages. Describes the characteristics of different kinds of deserts and the plants, animals and people making their homes in them.
  • MacQuitty, Miranda; Desert Series: Eyewitness Books Darling Kindersley Pub. New York, NY 1994, 63 pages. Describes the environment and wildlife found in several deserts, mainly in North Africa and the Middle East.
  • Nabhan, Gary Paul with photography by Mark Klett; Desert Legends, Henry Holt and Co. 1994, 204 pages. Stories about the Sonoran Desert with many black and white photographs of people and desert life.
  • Perry, Richard; Life in the Desert and Plain, Taplinger Pub.Co. New York, NY 1977, 243 pages. Describes animals, birds, insects and plants of deserts of the world. Good bibliography.
  • Raskin, Edith; The Fantastic Cactus, Indoors and in Nature, Lorthrop, Lee and Shephard Co., Inc. New York, NY 107 pages.
  • Sayre, April Pulley; Desert Series: Exploring Earth’s Biomes, Twenty-First Century 1994, 64 pages. After a general introduction to deserts, a specific one is explored in brief chapters with excellent illustrations.
  • Steele, Philip: Deserts, (Pocket Facts), Macmillan/Crestwood 1996, 32 pages. Concise introduction to deserts featuring easy-to-understand facts and photos.
  • Sutton, Ann and Myron; The Life of the Desert, 1966 McGraw-Hill, Inc. New York, N.Y., 232 pages. Excellent photographs of desert life. The appendix includes a glossary, a bibliography and a section of experiments with desert soil.
  • Twist, Clint; Deserts, (Ecology Watch) Dillon Pub. 1991, 45 pages. Explains why deserts are threatened and offers possible solutions to specific problems.
  • Welles, Philip with photography by Martin H. Frost, Sr.; Meet the Southwest Deserts, Dale Stuart King, Tucson, AZ 1973, 84 pages. An introduction to desert life and the ways the plants and animals adapt to heat and limited water.
  • Zwinger, Ann; A Desert Country Near the Sea-A natural history of the Cape region of Baja California, Harper and Row, New York, NY 1983, 387 pages. Comprehensive footnotes and appendix.
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