Recommended Reading - Grades 1 - 3

Bibliography, Grades 1-3

  • Albert, Richard E.; Alejandro’s Gift, Chronicle Books, San Francisco, CA, 1994, 25 pages. Interesting story about a man and his life in the desert.
  • Evans, Doris; Saguaro, Southwest Parks and Monuments Association, Globe, AZ, 52 pages. Beautifully illustrated. Younger children would also enjoy it.
  • Hirschi, Ron; Desert, Bantam, 1992, 32 pages. An introduction to animals that live in the desert with clues so that young readers can guess their identity.
  • Jernigan, Gisilia; Sonoran Seasons: A Year in the Desert, Harbinger Paper, Tucson AZ, 1994, 26 pages. A different plant is introduced for every month of the year and most of them are edible. Witty verse, scientifically accurate illustrations with a glossary of plants named in the book.
  • Landau, Elaine; Desert Mammals, Series: A True Book, 1996, 48 pages. Briefly describes deserts and their locations then tells about desert animals such as camels, kangaroo rats, antelope, jack rabbits and addaxes.
  • Mora, Pat; Listen to the Desert/Oye al Desierto, Clarion Pub. Co., 1994. Using double-page spreads, this book in English and Spanish introduces the animals and sounds found in a Southwestern Desert.
  • Posell, Elsa; Deserts, Children’s Press, Danbury, CT, 1982, 48 pages. Straightforward, simple text and fine color photographs.
  • Sabin, Louis and others; Wonders of the Desert, Troll Communications, 1982, 32 pages. A fine array of desert flora and fauna is simply introduced.
  • Sanders, John; All About Deserts, Troll Associates, 1984, 32 pages. Questions and answers about deserts. Good illustrations.
  • Wallace, Marianne D.; America’s Deserts, Guide to Plants and Animals, Fulcrum Publishing, Golden, CO, 1998, 48 pages. Can be used for social Studies and/or Environmental Studies of the Southwest.
  • Warner, Rita; Desert Wildlife of the Southwest Coloring Album, M.C. Creations, Mesa, AZ, 1974, 32 pages. Each page illustrates animals and birds of the desert with a description.
  • Watts, Barrie; 24 Hours in a Desert, F. Watts, New York, NY, 1991, 44 pages. Good bibliography and glossary.
  • Yolen, Jane and others; Welcome to the Sea of Sand, Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers New York, NY, 1999. A depiction in text and paintings of the amazing creatures found in a seemingly lifeless desert.
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