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"Dude! I never knew a museum could be so awesome!"
"I know, and the lesson plan my teacher did is solid, bro!"

War in the Pacific National Historical Park is your outdoor classroom to discover!

Teachers of all subjects are encouraged to submit lesson plans relating to World War II history as well as the natural and scenic objects at War in the Pacific National Historical Park. Contact the Education Specialist to find out how you can be a Lead Teacher volunteer for the park by designing lessons that can be utilized by educators all over the island.

Educators on Guam have already put together several lesson plans that can be used in the park units and the T. Stell Newman Visitor Center. These lesson plans are tools to help your students make the most of their trip, and are also models to create your own for future visits.

History: Honor the people of the past by learning about the battles of the Pacific Theater of World War II. These lesson plans were created by enthusiastic teachers and educators on Guam.

Powers of Persuasion

Video Guides, Handouts, Worksheets, and Lesson Plan, .zip file, 2.01 MB

Primary Sources

Primary Sources Lesson Plan, .pdf file, 176 KB

Research Project

Research Project Presentation Guidelines, Interview Guide, Unit Outline, Rubrics, Website Guide, .zip file, 286 KB

Selling the War

Selling the War Lesson Plan, .pdf file, 156 KB

Strategizing the Recapture of Guam

Video Guides, Lesson Plan, Game, Answer Guides, .zip file, 1.22 MB

Surviving the War

Surviving the War Lesson Plan, .pdf file, 461 KB

The Cost of War

The Cost of War Lesson Plan, .pdf file, 665 KB


Timelines Lesson Plan and Presentation, Lesson, Timeline, and Writing Rubrics, .zip file, 2.3 MB

Unsung Heroes

Unsung Heroes Lesson Plan, .pdf file 361 KB

Valor in the Pacific

Valor in the Pacific Lesson Plan, Picture Sheet, Score Sheet, Word Sheet, .zip file, 800 KB

Voices of the Pacific

Voices of the Pacific Guidelines, Handouts, Rubric, Lesson Plan, .zip file, 0.97 MB

We are at War Decimals

We are at War Decimals Lesson Plan, .pdf file, 174 KB

Reef Health Monitoring

Reef Health Monitoring

Keep Guam Beautiful

Keep Guam Beautiful

Science: The better we understand the environment around us, the better we can manage and care for it. National Park Service staff worked with a teacher, two undergraduate students, and a marine science graduate student to develop the following lesson plans for your students! See more here.

Chamorro Village Role-playing

Chamorro Village Role-playing Lesson Plan, .pdf file, 189 KB

Photoquadrats on a Transect

Photoquadrats on a Transect Lesson Plan, .pdf file, 3.07 MB

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