Camping at Voyageurs National Park

All campsites in Voyageurs are accessible only by water.

However you travel, though, there are camping areas either within or close to the park to suit everyone. Select the option that applies to you to start planning your trip.

A motorboat slowly moves across the surface of a scenic lake towards an island in the distance.

I have a boat, paddle craft, or shuttle

Learn how to get an overnight permit to camp in Voyageurs using your own watercraft, a rental, or a hired water taxi.

A large houseboat, with a fishing boat lashed to its side, floats tethered to a sandy beach at dusk.

I'm using a houseboat

Learn how to get a permit for staying overnight in your own houseboat or a rental.

A large motor home sits parked in a wooded area

I'm using an RV or car to get to camp

If you're traveling by RV or car and do not have access to a boat, there are many camping options for you either near or next to the park.

Last updated: June 28, 2019

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