• Bobcat in tree

    An elusive bobcat crouches in a tree. Red squirrels chatter in the background. Discover more than 50 mammal species in the park.

  • Bird on a log

    A grouse drums to attract a mate. The eerie wail of a loon floats across the lake. Encounter more than 100 bird species living in Voyageurs.

  • Frog on log

    A spring peeper announces the season change. Look for a glimpse of a newt, salamander or toad hiding along the trail or in the water.

  • Turtle on a log in water

    A painted turtle basks in the sun. Wonder at the sight of a 35-pound snapping turtle or a tiny 6-inch snake sliding among warm rocks.

  • Fish held in a person's hands

    People have been fishing in Voyageurs for at least 7000 years. Learn what fish are out there, from tasty walleye to tiny central mudminnows.

  • Zebra mussels
    Alien Invaders

    Lurking within Voyageurs waters and forests, invasive species threaten healthy ecosystems of native species. Help prevent their spread.


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Last updated: March 20, 2023

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