Red squirrel with a pine cone in its mouth
This Red Squirrel is gathering up few mid-winter snacks of pine cones.



More than 50 species of mammals inhabit Voyageurs' 218,000 acres of land and water . A lucky visitor may catch a glimpse of a wolf, bear, deer, or moose taking a mid-day swim to an island, since these animals are surprisingly good swimmers. Smaller mammals such as red squirrels, voles, and bats play important roles in the ecosystem by dispersing plant seeds and eating mosquitoes.



One of our most frequently asked questions is 'Where can I see a Moose?'. Learn about the habitat and status of the moose population of Voyageurs National Park.



A chewed up stump, a ripple in the water and suddenly what sounds like a someone or something slapped the top of the water. These are all signs that a beaver may be near by.


Gray Wolf

Sitting around a campfire, listening to the crackling of the fire, water lapping along the shoreline and suddenly the long howl of a gray wolf cuts through the night. Voyageurs is called home for several wolf packs

Last updated: March 6, 2023

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