A Half Day in Glacier for a Hiker

Glacier National Park

Watching sunrise from lakeshore with large hotel across the water and mountain reflected
Duration Half Day
Topic(s) Scenic Views, Trails, Architecture and Building
Activities Hiking, Guided Tours
Type Kid Friendly, Active, Inspirational, Outdoors, History, Indoors
Parks Glacier National Park

Spend part of your day on trail, and check out a lodge on your way in or out of the park.

If you are a hiker, even if you only have half a day to spend in Glacier, you should spend it on trail. Glacier’s 734 miles of trail are a hiker’s paradise, with fabulous destinations at a variety of distances. When selecting your hike, be sure to factor driving times into your planning. Remember, slow-going, winding mountain roads may exist between you and a trailhead.

If you hike in the Many Glacier, Lake McDonald, or Two Medicine areas, or even Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada, you may have time to check out one of the historic lodges as well. They are worth a visit for their history and scenery. You can also grab a meal or morning coffee there.

  • Glacier National Park

    Take a Half-Day Hike in Glacier

    • Activity Fee: No (Entrance fees may apply)
    • Reservations: No
    • Activity: Hiking
    • Age: 7 and Older
    • Pets: No
    • Duration: 3–5 Hours
    • Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
    • Time of Day: Day, Dawn, Dusk
    Rocky trail along creek in dense mossy forest

    Glacier is a hiker’s paradise. Spend part of your day on one of these 3-5 hour hikes.

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    • Activity Fee: No (Entrance fees may apply)
    • Reservations: No
    • Activity: Guided Tours
    • Pets: No
    • Duration: 1–3 Hours
    • Season: Summer
    • Time of Day: Any Time
    A hand holds historic photo aligned with actual historic hotel building

    Step inside one of the historic lodges and pretend you are a traveler on the Great Northern Railway in the 1910s.

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Last updated: May 7, 2017