Visit One of Glacier's Historic Lodges

Chairs before cavernous stone fireplace
Cowboy artist Charlie Russell used to spin yarns at this fireplace.

NPS/Jacob W. Frank

Glacier has a whole range of in-park accommodations, including splendid lodges built in the 1910s. You do not have to be a hotel guest to enjoy these historic structures. Anyone may step inside, inspect the grounds, take in the views, or sit by a lobby fireplace.

Before Glacier National Park was established, private landowners offered accommodations to willing travelers. Once established, the new park's infrastructure and lodging was largely funded by Great Northern Railway, who built opulent hotels and backcountry chalets to boost train ticket sales. The buildings still in use today were built between 1910 and 1926.

Historic Lodges

  • Lake McDonald Lodge, National Historic Landmark
  • Many Glacier Hotel, National Historic Landmark
  • Glacier Park Lodge (in East Glacier, MT roughly 7 miles [11 km] from the Two Medicine Entrance)
  • Prince of Wales Hotel (in Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada)

Besides guest rooms, charming Swiss-style architecture, and stunning views, each lodge has a dining room, lounge, and gift shop. There are historic photographs and artwork on view, too. Some are also the site of ranger-led activities, like the daily walking tour of Many Glacier Hotel.


Peek your head in for just a moment, sit by the fire and do a puzzle, or treat yourself to a multicourse dinner and drinks in the dining room. Move at your own pace.

There is no fee to enter and explore the building, but there are rates for getting a room, of course.

No reservation needed to enter and explore. On busy nights, you may have to put your name on a waiting list for dinner in a dining room. If you are looking for accommodations, reservations are needed. The hotels book up throughout the summer.

Lake McDonald Lodge is generally open May-September. Many Glacier Hotel is generally open June-September.

The lobby couches and porch views are available 24/7. Be respectful of sleeping guests. The dining rooms are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Accessibility Information
  • A limited number of ADA-accessible rooms are available and booked based on availability.

  • Facilities are non-smoking.

  • Both Lake McDonald Lodge and Many Glacier Hotel Auditoriums are accessible.

  • Lake McDonald Lodge

    • A three-story building. No elevator.

    • Enter ground level main lobby from paved paths at front or back of building. From back porch, there is a ramp leading to Lake McDonald itself.

  • Many Glacier Hotel

    • A five-story building. Elevator inside.

    • Entry into ground level main lobby under a covered portico. Limited handicap parking near entrance.

    • Entry into lake level (where the auditorium is located) is at the back of the hotel, reached by a gravel roadway.

Last updated: January 18, 2017