Diverse cultures and perspectives are represented by the people that historically lived their lives within the present-day boundaries of the Preserve. Choose a person below to learn more about that era in Preserve history and where you can visit that focuses on his or her story.

Timucua Indian
Chief Athore

Florida State Archives

Native Americans

The Timucuan people and their ancestors lived in this area for 4,000 years prior to the arrival of Europeans. More...

French explorer Jean Ribault
Jean Ribault

Smith College

Explorers & Settlers

French explorer Jean Ribault sailed into the mouth of the St. Johns River in 1562. He landed and met the native people, the Timucua. More...

Easter, born at Kingsley Plantation.

Florida State Archives


Easter was born a slave. She is one of the hundreds of enslaved men, women, and children that lived at Kingsley Plantation. More...

Gertrude Rollins Wilson
Gertrude Rollins Wilson

NPS photograph


Gertrude Rollins Wilson was the daughter of John Rollins, who came to Florida in 1869 and helped push the area into the recreation era. More...

Wille Browne
Willie Browne

Florida Times-Union


The foundations of Willie Browne's cabin stand as a testament to the gift he gave to future visitors. More...

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