Little Missouri River

"Sometimes we vary our diet with fish - wall-eyed pike, ugly slimy catfish, and other uncouth finny things, looking very fit denizens of the mud-choked water..."

Theodore Roosevelt


The Little Missouri River begins in Northeastern Wyoming near Devil's Tower National Monument and meanders northward through Montana and into Southwestern North Dakota. It eventually flows into the Missouri River/Lake Sakakawea after passing through the South Unit, past the Elkhorn Ranch Unit and on through the North Unit of the park.

The river is nicknamed the "Little Mo" and the "Little Muddy." The water contains lots of silt and is usually cloudy. Fish include chubs, minnows, blue gills, carpsuckers, and catfish. On rare occasions walleye and fingerling pike are spotted. Sport fishing is limited to channel catfish, goldeyes and sauger, but the quantity and quality of these fishes is unpredictable. North Dakota state laws and license requirements apply.

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Last updated: December 8, 2020

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