Theodore Roosevelt National Park's habitat diversity provides homes and food sources for abundant bird life. More than 185 different bird species may be seen in the park at different times of the year. Most of the park's birds are migratory, meaning they move around from one season to the next in search of food, nesting sites, and the right kind of climate. Some birds are adapted to the cold North Dakota winter and may be found year-round in the park.

Some notable year-round residents include golden eagles, wild turkeys, black-capped chickadees, white-breasted nuthatches, and great-horned owls. A great variety of migratory birds pass through the park in spring and fall, including white-throated sparrows and huge flocks of sandhill cranes. Summer migrants include insect-eating birds such as flycatchers, warblers, and swallows. Some birds migrate south to winter in the park including juncos and redpolls.

Grab your binoculars, your favorite field guide, and see what Theodore Roosevelt National Park's birds are up to!

A bird list is availabe in the Visitor Center.


Last updated: January 14, 2024

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