Junior Web Ranger Activities for Ages 6 and Under

Construction paper cutout of notepad and ranger holding a pencil.

Home in the Badlands

Take a virtual tour of Theodore Roosevelt’s Maltese Cross Cabin with Ranger Joe.

Click our ranger notepad on the left to print your own page on which to write and/or draw one thing you learn from this tour.
Construction paper cutout of an outdoor scene.

Enjoy Your Outdoors

No matter what your backyard may be – from a meadow to a patio – there’s something living out there!

Click our outdoor image on the right to print your own page on which to write and/or draw your backyard.
Construction paper cutout of badlands and wildlife.

Wild and Free

Learn about all the wildlife that live in the Badlands!

Click our wildlife image on the left to print your own page on which to circle one animal you learned the most about.
Construction paper cutout of a park ranger.


You have completed all the tasks needed to become the newest Junior Ranger of Theodore
Roosevelt National Park.

Now to say the pledge; stand up straight and tall, raise your right hand, and repeat after me...

“I am a Junior Ranger.
I’ll protect this park from danger.
I will not pick the plants.
I won’t step on the ants.
No animals will get my food
And I won’t litter ‘cause it’s rude
My job is never done.
This ranger life is fun!”

Template to cut out junior ranger badge.

Time for Your Badge!

Simply click our badge on the left for a printable version. This way, you can print, cut, and proudly wear your well earned Junior Ranger badge!
Construction paper cutout of a girl looking at flowers.

Thank you from the Park Rangers at Theodore Roosevelt National Park!

Click on our picture on the right to print a final page for your Junior Ranger journal; write and/or draw your dream job/volunteer postion. Who knows, maybe it’s to become a National Park Service Ranger?

Last updated: May 3, 2020

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