The Roosevelt Horses

Ethel and Kermit with General Grant the sorrel Shetland pony.
Ethel and Kermit with General Grant the sorrel Shetland pony.

Harvard University

The Roosevelt children had a sorrel Shetland pony named General Grant, after the former president Ulysses S. Grant.

Theodore recounts, "Sedate pony Grant used to draw the cart in which the children went driving when they were very small, the driver being their old nurse Mame... They loved pony Grant. Once I saw the then little boy of three hugging pony Grant's fore legs. As he leaned over, his broad straw hat tilted on end, and pony Grant meditatively munched the brim; whereupon the small boy looked up with a wail of anguish, evidently thinking the pony had decided to treat him like a radish."
Archie with Algonquin the calico Shetland pony.


Young Archie Roosevelt was given a calico Shetland pony named Algonquin.

Once, when Archie was recovering in bed from being sick with the measles, he begged to be allowed to see his animal friend, but was told he was too weak to visit the stables. Thus, the pony was led into the White House elevator and up to the second floor. The pony trotted into the boy's room, and soon, the boy was up and galloping around the grounds.

Archie… "had a visitor the other day whose call will do more to restore him to health than all the medicine the doctor can give him."
Ted with a horse.
Ted with a horse.


"Of course there are no pets like horses;and horsemanship is a test of prowess." -- Theodore Roosevelt.

The Roosevelt stable included Bleistein, Grey Dawn, Jocko Root, Renown, Roswell, Rusty, Wyoming, and Yagenka.

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