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Hike on the Oregon Trail

A path leads through a grassy field in warm light.

Walk on the Trail

Walk in the footsteps of history. Discover the same landscapes and imagine the hardships of those that have passed before you, as you look through their eyes on the same viewsheds. What is different? What is the same? Walking the trail is a different kind of hiking experience! In some places, the historic trail is a current modern-day hiking trail. In others, it could be a modern-day asphalt road. Experiences vary, so please check with individual locations for more details.

Check out one of these opportunities to walk the trail:


  • Keeney Pass Interpretive Site
    • South of Vale
    •  Trail Info: A 2/3-mile round-trip hike along a section of the original Oregon Trail and visible wagon ruts
  • Echo Meadows
    • Highway 320 west of Echo
    • Trail Info: Walk the site's half-mile (one way) paved path to visit the remaining one mile long stretch of swales.


  • Massacre Rocks State Park
    • 3592 Park Lane, American Falls
    • Trail Info: The state park still contains visible remnants of the Oregon and California Trails, including deep ruts that can be visited by following a paved path at the end of Park Lane.
  • City of Rocks National Reserve
    • 3035 South HWY 77 Spur, Almo
    • Trail Info: Many emigants wrote about passing through the City of Rocks on the Trail. 


  • California Hill 
    • north side of U.S. 30, approximately 4.5 miles west of Brule
    • Trail Info: A steep climb of 240 feet in 1½ miles. Deep ruts, which are still plainly visible today, were created as the wagons were dragged up the hill.
  • Scotts Bluff National Monument
    • three miles west of Gering, Nebraska on Old Oregon Trail (Highway 92 West)
    • Trail Info: Trail ruts are still visible today and a section of them has been developed into a walking trail with interpretive waysides.


  • North Platte River Crossing
    • west of Fort Laramie
    • Trail Info: Travel the 1.5 mile trail along the river to explore one of numerous crossings used by trappers, traders, American Indians, and emigrants to reach Fort Laramie. 
  • Bedlam Ruts
    • west of Fort Laramie National Historic Site
    • Trail Info: A tretch of Oregon Trail ruts and swales that visitors can walk.
  • Independence Rock State Historic Site
    • west of Alcova
    • Trail Info: A footpath goes around the base of this famous trail landmark. Hiking is allowed on the rock; however, please avoid walking on the earliest inscriptions as they are wearing thin.

Safety Considerations

For more location information: Places to Go on the Oregon Trail


Pet policies vary by location. Please check with individual sites before visiting.

Fees being charged will vary by location. Please check with the individual site for more information.

Accessibility Information
Accessibility information will vary by location. Please check with the individual site for more specific information. Services animals are allowed at all locations.

Oregon National Historic Trail

Last updated: November 16, 2020