Static Peak Divide Trail

Four hikers walk down a steep, rocky trail.

The trail to Static Peak Divide is a very strenuous trail that takes a full day to complete. After heading into Death Canyon, hikers will take the split to Static Peak Divide. The trail switchbacks up the side of the canyon, gaining significant altitude over a few miles. This can be hazardous for those not acclimated to high altitude. The best cure for altitude sickness is to retreat to a lower elevation. Once at the divide, hikers will have stunning views of the Teton Range and Alaska Basin. The Static Peak Divide often hold snow until July. Those planning to hike the divide should stop by the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center or the Jenny Lake Ranger Station before attempting the hike. Ice axes and crampons – along with the knowledge of how to use them – may be necessary until mid-summer.
The Static Peak Divide Trail is a very strenuous, 16.3 m/26.2 km RT hike with 5,100ft of elevation gain.
general fee is charged to enter Grand Teton National Park.
Park at the Death Canyon Trailhead for access to the Static Peak Divide Trail. The Death Canyon Trailhead is located one mile down a rutted, dirt road. The road is not recommended for vehicles with low clearance. Exercise caution when driving down the Death Canyon Road and pull fully off of the road if parking on the shoulder. 
Static Peak Divide is best accessed in summer after the snow melts, and in fall before the first snow arrives. Hikers should use caution when traveling over snow and not attempt Static Peak Divide unless they have previous snow experience and the proper equipment.
Accessibility Information
Static Peak Divide is a very strenuous, 16.3 mile (26.2 km) roundtrip hike with 5,100ft of elevation gain. The trail is often narrow and steep, with exposed roots and sections crossing rock faces.

Last updated: May 17, 2021