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Life Endures when Earth Erupts

What happens when the earth cracks open beneath you, spewing hot cinders and poisonous gases high into the air? Just 1,000 years ago, that happened at Sunset Crater Volcano. At first, it must have been terrifying. Plants burned, and people and wildlife fled. But as ten centuries have passed, life has slowly returned, beautiful and strong.

Here you can learn what rangers, scientists, and visitors like you have discovered through the preservation of Sunset Crater Volcano.

  • Our latest updates are featured in the Park Newspaper and News Releases.
  • See for yourself how plants and wildlife thrive at the volcano today by browsing our Photos and Multimedia pages.
  • Discover how people from Native Americans to explorers and astronauts have interacted with the volcano in History and Culture.
  • Explore animals, plants, ecosystems, and climate change on our Nature page.
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  • Management tells about statistics, laws, policies, and park administration.
Sunset Crater Volcano and a field of yellow sunflowers beneath a partly cloudy sky.
In the shadow of Sunset Crater Volcano, monsoon rains cause Bonito Park to burst with wildflowers during late summer.

NPS/K. Matthews

Last updated: September 9, 2015

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