Planning Successful Rehabilitation Projects

Applying the Standards to common rehabilitation concerns

Technical Preservation Services has developed a wide variety of guidance and other information on applying the Standards for Rehabilitation. Much of it has been developed in the context of the Historic Preservation Tax Incentives program, but it is applicable to all rehabilitation projects.
This guidance and other information is particularly useful for applicants who are planning rehabilitation projects using the Historic Preservation Tax Incentives. It addresses some common concerns in historic rehabilitation projects. Additional guidance on applying the Standards to tax incentives projects can be found in Incentives and Interpreting the Standards Bulletins.

Cumulative Effect and Historic Character

Acquired Significance and Standard 4

Continued Historic Use and Standard 1

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Interior treatments

New additions and related new construction

Modern requirements and new technologies and materials

Other treatments

Deteriorated and damaged buildings

Role of Economic and Technical Feasibility in Applying the Secretary’s Standards for Rehabilitation

Last updated: June 11, 2024