NPS Programmatic Clearance Process

Programmatic Clearance applications are now being accepted

Crystal Forest, Petrified Forest National Park
Crystal Forest, Petrified Forest National Park 

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The NPS Programmatic Clearance Process applies to all public surveys sponsored by the NPS and designed to furnish useful and applicable knowledge to managers and planners. This process is limited to applied research that will be used to answer specific questions that have direct applications to NPS visitor use or management. The focus is limited to non-controversial information collections that will not attract attention to significant, sensitive, or political issues.

Questions asked under the programmatic review must show a clear tie to current NPS management and planning needs. Investigators who are unsure if a study qualifies under the programmatic review are strongly encouraged to contact the Information Collection Review Coordinator for clarification early in the planning process.

The Programmatic Clearance Process is designed for information collections that focus on the awareness, understanding, attitudes, preferences, or experiences of NPS visitors or other stakeholders relating to existing or future services, products or communication materials. The data collections eligible for the Programmatic Clearance Process will typically be used to improve existing or future services/programs, products, or communication materials.

Last updated: July 7, 2020


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