#SportsInParks: Celebrating sporting and the spirit of competition this winter!

skiers along a groomed snow-covered trail with blue sky and mountains in the background
Cross-country skiing is a great way to explore Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve.

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As international athletes gather this winter, let’s explore the joy of sport and the spirit of competition and fair play in parks! How do parks and programs encourage good sportsmanship and the benefits of play?

And while it may be instinctive to focus only on winter sports, we can certainly celebrate sporting in warm-weather parks, too!

Exploring #SportsInParks is a great way to #FindYourPark and #EncuentraTuParque!

  • Are winter sports a popular way to experience your partner park? Consider sharing through a series in digital media all the great ways to get out for winter sporting there!
  • Do athletes--of any season!--train in your partner park, or do you have hometown heroes to celebrate?
  • Does your partner park offer sporting opportunities for all user abilities?
  • Does your partner park or program have a historic connection to a past sporting competition?
  • How can you explore the spirit of competition, good sportsmanship, and fair play in your activities and programs?
  • Taking part in sports is a great way to foster healthy exercise habits--this is a fun opportunity to incorporate Healthy Parks Healthy People messaging into your winter activities!
  • Competing at the international level requires exceptional perseverance and hard work. Does your partner park or program have the opportunity to highlight other examples of this sort of commitment?
  • If your organization partners with a park to offer sporting-related activities, such as the Yosemite Winter Sports Club, you are in a great position to highlight fun ideas around this theme!
  • Collaborate with veterans organizations that participate in sporting activities in your partner park, or with programs that engage veterans in winter or year-round sports.

Winter Safety

As you plan your winter sports messaging and fun, help keep everyone safe and healthy. The 10 Essentials is a good place to start! The National Weather Service also has some fun infographics that you can download and use.

Communications Toolkits for Partners

#SportsInParks is one of several NPS Communications mini-campaigns for 2018. Join us for these throughout the year--and explore the 2018 Monthly Themes and more in our Communications Toolkits for Partners.

Last updated: January 25, 2018