Conservation At Home

Anyone can help conserve national, state, and local parks and other protected areas by taking action at home! Water, lands, and air are all connected, so the actions people take at home have far-reaching effects. People interested in helping protect water, air, and wildlife can do a variety of things: Plant native flowers, use dark-sky friendly lighting fixtures, limit or avoid fertilizer, and reduce water waste. Explore these topics for more ideas.

How You Can Help

  • bee hovers near a yellow flower
    Help Pollinators

    Even small changes in our own backyards can help pollinators survive and thrive.

  • the milky way with silhouettes of plants in the foreground
    Protect Night Skies

    You, your neighbors, and your community can make a difference in conserving our heritage of starry skies.

  • a person with a helmet riding a bicycle with motion blur in the background
    Live Green

    Take a positive step toward developing a more efficient home and a healthier community.

  • person refills water bottle at a bottling station with mountain in the background
    Conserve Water

    Use a reusable bottle, avoid fertilizer, and take other actions to conserve water.

  • a yellow meadowlark perches on a stump
    Help Birds

    Explore this list of seven simple actions to help birds.

  • woman stands in grassy area and puts invasive species in a bag
    Remove Invasive Species

    We can all work together to help defend our national parks and other public lands from invasive species.

  • a black bear peeks through green foliage
    Coexist with Bears

    People, neighborhoods, and communities can prevent problems with bears.

  • a school of fish swims through a coral reef
    Live Blue

    Whether or not you live on the coast, the state of the ocean affects us all. Help protect our oceans by living blue.

  • a mexican freetailed bat flies in the dark
    Help Bats

    We need bats if we want healthy and diverse ecosystems. Find out how you can help bats at home.

  • a young woman uses her phone to take a picture of mountain scenery on a trail
    Protect & Appreciate Scenic Views

    Scenic views inspire and connect us to nature and our culture. Find out how you can appreciate & protect scenic views in your community.

  • a frog pops it's head up out of green pond waters
    Help Amphibians

    Amphibians are extremely sensitive to changes in their environments. Find out what you can do to help them in your own backyard.

  • a man in a ball cap smiles and pets a husky
    Be a Conservation-Minded Pet Parent

    Our “fur-babies” are important members of our families, but they can also take a toll on local environments. See what you can do to help.

  • a boy in a red lifejacket paddles a canoe on a lake
    Recreate Responsibly

    Practice Leave No Trace principles to reduce your impact.

  • a young boy and girl in safety vests pull weeds

    You can make our great places even better!

  • people disembark a bus that says
    Visit Green

    With a little advance planning, you can make your visit to parks and special places green.

Last updated: July 14, 2023


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