La Gente and Their Legacy 

The histories of Latinos in America are diverse. They include the experiences of people with cultural, religious, and linguistic traditions from Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua, among other nations from Latin America and Iberia. It is impossible to tell the experiences of these various groups with a single history. The breadth of Latino experience is a vital aspect of America's rich and diverse past. 

Explore and be part of the rich history and heritage of Latino Americans found throughout the National Park System and in communities across the country preserved through the work of our programs and partners. 

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Have you ever heard a salsa rhythm that just made you want to groove? Perhaps bitten into a loaded taco bursting with flavor that makes you wonder how all of these flavors got into one bite? Maybe you have heard a friend from the Dominican Republic speaking Spanish to a companion from Argentina and thought, wow are they both really speaking the same language? Take a dive deeper into the world of Hispanic and Latinx heritage! From September 15 to October 15, we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month. Meet National Park Service and other Department of the Interior staff as we share our heritage and get just a small taste of the immense diversity of the Hispanic and Latinx experience. Take advantage of this time set aside to learn something new about the many flavors of Hispanic and Latinx Heritage! (Video made in partnership with the Department of the Interior's National Association of Hispanic Employees and National Park Service's Hispanic Organization on Relevancy, Advising, Leadership, and Excellence.)

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What do we mean when we say Latino heritage? Consider the differences and similarities that makes up this shared heritage.

Jose Artigas statue
Latino Heritage Stories of...

People make history. Quite an amazing variety of people populate our past. Read their stories.

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Planning a trip in person or virtually? Check out all the extraordinary spaces relating to Latino history.

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What We Do

Meet the team who make up the National Park Service and learn about what they do.

Colombians march down the street and on the sidewalk for the parade.
Preserving and Sharing History

Learn more about how the NPS preserved and shares histories through programs and partnerships.

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Teach It!

Want to learn about Latino Heritage while playing Lotería? Step right up!

Last updated: August 7, 2023


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