Inventory & Monitoring GIS

Geographic data and GIS technologies are fundamental components of natural resource management for the National Park Service (NPS). GIS provides the essential framework for the acquisition, analysis, synthesis, and application of inventory and monitoring data.

About Inventory & Monitoring GIS

  • Manages the collection, analysis, and distribution of Inventory & Monitoring (I&M), NPS, and geospatial data to I&M networks, other NPS programs, and the public.
  • Develops, collects, and shares GIS tools, extensions, and applications with I&M networks, the NPS, and the public.

Helpful Spatial Data Resources

  • Find out more about what the NPS is doing with geospatial data, spatial data applications, and more, at the NPS GIS Page (coming soon...)
  • Find geospatial data and more in the IRMA Data Store
  • IMD Map/Feature Services are available for use in ArcGIS, web maps, and other software programs.
  • USGS National Geospatial Program to access the National Map, an interactive web map application for national geospatial and topographic data sets and tools.
  • USDA NRCS Geospatial Data Gateway for searching and accessing environmental and natural resources data.
  • Discover the variety of geospatial data available across the U.S. government at

Tools and Applications

  • Explore data used in Landscape Dynamics with the Landscape Dynamics Map Viewer
  • See what others in the NPS are doing with spatial data at NPS ArcGIS Online
  • NPS Theme Manager for ArcGIS NPS Theme Manager is a desktop tool for delivering spatial data to GIS users. This product allows data managers to present data in an organized and intuitive structure without exposing the underlying complexities of physical data storage.

Frequently Requested Spatial Data

Last updated: April 16, 2018