The NPS Data API is open and accessible to all developers who wish to use NPS data in their projects.

What's an API?

An application programming interface (API) is a set of requirements that allows one application to talk to another.

The NPS Data API allows official, authoritative data and content to be used not only on but also by internal and external developers in apps, maps, and websites. We create the data once but, through the API, it can be used many times and in many products—no matter who creates those products.

What data is available?

The NPS API documentation includes detailed information about the type of data available, including:

  • Alerts - Announcements communicating information about hazardous, potentially hazardous, or changing conditions that may affect a visit to a national park
  • Articles, People, and Places - Titles, images, and short descriptions about shared content articles
  • Campgrounds - Location, contact, operating hours, site amenities, fee, and accessibility information for campgrounds in national parks
  • Events - Date, time, fee, and description of events taking place in national parks
  • Lesson Plans - Objectives, grade level, subject, duration, and standards information for lesson plans about national parks for teachers to use in their classrooms
  • News Releases - Title, abstract, and link to national park news releases, as well as an optional image
  • Parks - Location, contact, operating hours, and entrance fee/pass information for each national park, as well as at least five photos of each park
  • Visitor Centers - Location, contact, and operating hours information for visitor centers and other visitor contact facilities in national parks

How can developers use the API?

Developers can register for an API key, get familiar with the API request format, and review API resources on the NPS Data API website.

What's the future of the API?

Check out the NPS API roadmap to find out what is in development and being considered for addition next.

Last updated: January 29, 2019


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