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Youth Summits in history and culture provide exciting, on-site, interactive learning experiences for students and professionals. Summits encourage students to participate in historic preservation, interpretation, and community heritage policy by providing opportunities to be consultants in these fields during the Summit. Teens and young adults transform into stewards of community history and historic places.

There is no central organizing office for Youth Summits at the National Park Service. The Youth Summit is a model that may be organized and facilitated with or without involvement from the National Park Service. Private citizens and non-profits can partner with local and state government agencies to pull off an amazing event. However, the National Park Service is a natural partner for Cultural Resources Youth Summits. Parks and NPS employees often support a Summit with grants, consultation, leadership, and spaces to learn. If you are working outside the Park Service and want to partner with us, please be in touch with a specific Park, Program, or Region.

Learn more about National Park Service Cultural Resources here.

How To Organize a Youth Summit

How To Organize a Youth Summit

This comprehensive how-to is practical and aspirational in scope, and authored by a veteran Youth Summit organizer.

About Youth Summits

All About Youth Summits

With no restrictions on size, scope, or topics, a history & culture Youth Summit can be a boon for any community.

Last updated: August 27, 2018


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