Conservation At Home

group of bats hangs in a row inside a cave
Indiana Bats in Mammoth Cave National Park. NPS photo.

Help Bats Where You Live

Here are some ideas of how you can help bats...anywhere!

Learn about the bats in your area.

Bats are often misunderstood. Share what you learn to help bust some of the myths about bats.

Limit herbicide and pesticide use.

Many bats eat insects, and some pollinate plants, so limiting these chemicals gives bats healthy foods to eat.

Garden for bats.

What you choose to plant in your garden can help bats! Check out this Guide to Gardening for Bats from Bat Conservation International to get some ideas.

Turn off the lights for bats.

Bats rely on darkness to survive and light pollution can disrupt their natural behaviors. Find out how you can help protect the night sky where you live.

Leave bats alone!

Avoid disturbing bats, especially if they are hibernating.

Report every close encounter with a bat.

Contact with bats can hold potential human health concerns.

Build a bat house.

Bonus: Having a bat colony in your backyard can help with mosquito control!

Participate in Bat Week!

Bat Week occurs the last week of October every year! It's a time to celebrate and learn about bats!

Last updated: June 8, 2023


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