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Thinking Globally to Act Locally

In all management efforts—like ecosystem restoration, wildfire management, or the protection of imperiled species—the National Park Service is obligated to use best-available science to inform decision-making. And when it comes to climate change, the science is clear: human activities are driving the rapid warming of our planet. Understanding global climate trends and projections is critically important when planning for the future of the vast National Park System.

But making climate-informed management decisions also requires understanding how global trends and projections manifest locally, how park resources and values are impacted, and how they might respond. Fortunately, a vast amount of interdisciplinary research is published regularly, continually improving our understanding of both our changing climate and impacts to parks.

Scroll down to learn more, or explore the Publications page for peer-reviewed science from the NPS Climate Change Response Program.

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Last updated: August 12, 2021


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