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Aerial view of large valley glacier shining bright white with rocky, snowy peaks surrounding
Logan Glacier, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve
National parks are ideal outdoor classrooms for learning about climate change. They are living laboratories where scientific study can help better understand its impacts.

In some parks, the melting of glaciers and thawing of permafrost are visible. Along the coast, many parks grapple with sea level rise. And in many Western parks, tree mortality and wildfire activity are on the rise. Science helps document the many ways climate change manifests across the National Park System.

Every year brings new publications that improve our understanding of parks in a warming world. But science does more than just document change. It can also provide important insights on potential solutions for the future.

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  • Small conifer seedling held up to blue sky with sun shining behind
    Park-specific Climate Science

    View articles, studies, and briefs organized by park about climate impacts to across the National Park System.

  • A Joshua tree against mountains and a glowing sunset sky with hues of orange and yellow.
    Recent Climate Trends

    Explore how parks are warming disproportionately to the rest of the country, including 289 park-specific briefs on recent trends

  • A red-headed bird with pink and white belly perches on a twig
    Projected Effects on Birds

    Climate change will affect the composition of bird species in national parks. View 274 park-specific briefs to learn more

  • Geyser steams in distance as hundreds of people walk away on boardwalk toward camera
    Visitation and Climate Change

    How might warming temperatures alter park visitation? 340 park-specific briefs are available

  • A green-golden deciduous, looking up toward the blue sky at the sudden partially hidden by overstory
    Eastern Forest Vulnerability

    Climate change is projected to substantially impact eastern forests. 121 park-specific briefs are available to download

  • Closeup of flower with bright yellow petals in circular pattern, reflecting bright sunlight
    Advancing Spring Onset

    Spring is arriving earlier in our national parks

  • A paved parking area disappears into ocean waves and disintegrates
    Sea Level Change

    Explore how changing sea levels will impact the cultural and natural resources of coastal national parks

  • At night, a view across a lake to an orange glow of flames rising from a dark forest
    Wildland Fire

    Climate change has increased the length of fire seasons and doubled the land area burned by wildfire

More Climate Change Effects

Below you'll find a listing of articles on climate change effects sourced from national park websites from around the country.
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