Cherry Trees

Come on in and learn all about cherry trees! How do cherry trees work? How do we care for cherry trees at the National Mall? How can you help preserve cherry trees? Let's find out!

Recreate Responsibly with Cherry Trees

Four Ways to Care for Cherry Trees infographic

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You can help us preserve cherry trees! Protecting trees happens at the roots, branches, and blossoms.

Leaving blossoms on the trees - even on the ground! - is critical for the tree's interactions with pollinators like bees. Packing out all trash helps keep wildlife safe, and protects tree roots from burrowing animals. Being gentle with the branches by not swinging or climbing keeps our trees strong and whole. Walking around roots keeps the soil loose enough for water to absorb, and protects the tree's roots.

An infographic on a dark pink background. Light pink text says:

4 Ways to Care for Cherry Trees
Leave Blossoms for Bees (text wrapped around an image of a bee)
Pack Out Trash (text wrapped around an image of a squirrel eating while sitting on a tree branch)
Be Gentle with Branches (text wrapped around an image of branch with blooming cherry blossoms)
Walk Around Roots (text wrapped around a tree stump with visible roots)

The text and images sit inside a bright pink frame

Bloom Watch

Close-up of a cherry tree branch with clustered blooming flowers
Bloom Watch

When will the trees bloom? How do we predict the bloom? What are the stages of blooming? Find out here!

Cherry Blossom Bloom Cam shot of the Tidal Basin
Bloom Cam

Watch the Blooming of the Cherry Trees along the Tidal Basin

Caring for Cherry Trees

Three people in winter work and safety gear are pruning a tree with  a long saw
Caring for Cherry Trees in Washington DC

How do we take care of cherry trees in Washington DC? Learn from the Tree Crew and discover all the details about growing healthy cherry tre

How Do Cherry Trees Work?

How Do Cherry Trees Work? Learn all about flowering cherry trees

Water lapping over the concrete at the edge of the Tidal Basin
Cherry Trees & Climate Change

How is climate change impacting cherry trees in the Tidal Basin? Explore temperature changes, sea level rise, and more

Close-up of the Japanese Stone Lantern in a background of cherry blossoms
Conserving Cherry Trees

There are many types of Japanese cherry trees. Conserving genetic information of historic trees helps us preserve cherry trees.

Conservation Kids

Calling all cherry blossom kids! Learn and have fun with activities made just for you. Become a Bloomin' Junior Ranger, learn about cherry trees with educational programs, draw cherry blossom art, and more!

A junior ranger logo around a park service flat hat on a background of blooming cherry trees
Cherry Blossom Kids

Become a Bloomin' Junior Ranger and explore educational content for kids all about cherry trees.

Cherry Tree Field Guide

Closeup of a cherry blossom
A Field Guide to the Cherry Trees

Can't tell your Yoshinos from your Usuzumis? We've got you covered here!

Last updated: March 9, 2021