Bat Week

a bat with silver tipped fluffy fur and the bat week logo
Hoary Bat at Isle Royale National Park

NPS Photo

Bat Week is Oct. 24 - Oct. 31!

Bat Week is an annual celebration of bats and the many roles they play in our ecosystems. The international event is organized by a team of representatives across North America from conservation organizations and government departments. Bat Week strives to show the critical importance of bats and raise greater awareness of conservation efforts worldwide.

Everyone can join in on the Bat Week fun! Browse the articles below to learn more about bats, engage in bat-tivities, and discover current bat science.

Visit for a full-list of inspiring Bat-tivities, events, and more. Join the conversation on social media using #BatWeek.

Learn about Bats

  • a small bat with large ears appears to smile and wave
    Benefits of Bats

    Need a reason to celebrate bats? Find out how bats bring benefits to their ecosystems and to us!

  • a bat covered in yellow pollen
    Made possible by... Bats!

    Bats help bring us some of our most tasty treats. Discover how bats help grow many of the foods we eat (including coffee and chocolate!.

  • tri-colored bat with white-nose syndrome
    White-nose Syndrome

    This fungal disease is wiping out bat populations.

Celebrate Bats

Bat Science in Parks

Last updated: October 17, 2023


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