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Ranger teaches archeology
A NPS ranger and students learn together at Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. NPS photo.

Archeology is a fun way to explore and learn. It's an interdisciplinary field: archeologists draw on subjects such as history, geography, language arts, and physics. They practice using evidence to answer questions, developing logical sequences, and learning multiple perspectives. Use archeology to find out why the past still matters!

For Teachers links to lesson plans, activities, and professional development opportunities. Whether you teach from home or at a school, find educational programs that meet grade-level educational standards and developmental learning goals. Many of these resources work for in-person or distance learning.

For Kids helps young people explore their interest in archeology. Visit parks wherever and whenever you can, or try the activities in Explore Archeology for Kids, Latino Archeology for Kids, Junior Archeologist, and Online Activities.

En Espa├▒ol collects lesson plans and other activities that have been translated into Spanish. They are suitable for learners whose primary language is Spanish or for those who are learning Spanish.

Last updated: May 11, 2021