Wilderness Stock Use

Stock users travel in these parks with horses, mules, burros, and even llamas. Since the U.S. Army Calvary protected this place in the early 1890s, using stock to build roads, trails, and bridges, stock use has been an important element of park operations and management. Today, many people benefit from stock-supported trips each year.

However, stock use has impacts on wilderness environments, and must be carefully planned and conducted. If you would like to travel with stock in wilderness, be sure you are familiar with the specific regulations that apply to stock-supported trips.

The Wilderness Office is available to assist you. For information regarding commercial stock use, please contact the Commercial Services Office at (559) 565-4235 or email us at the information below.

If you don't have pack stock but are interested in day rides or overnight trips, there are stables that operate in Grant Grove and Cedar Grove.

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Watch this film for a demonstration of best practices for minimum-impact wilderness travel with pack stock. It includes tips for feed, grooming, and choosing a campsite location.


Planning Your Stock-Supported Wilderness Trip

  1. Read the Parks Stock Users Guide.

  2. Review the Sequoia Stock Use Grazing Map or the Kings Canyon Stock Use Grazing Map, as needed.

  3. Check the Meadow Opening and Closing Updates for current meadow information.

  4. Familiarize yourself with the Minimum Impact Restrictions.

  5. Review site-specific regulations and restrictions listed by individual meadows within their respective river drainages.

  6. Obtain a wilderness permit for overnight camping.


Velvet Grass in Kern River Canyon

Velvet grass, an invasive species, was discovered along the floor of the Kern River Canyon in 2006. To prevent its spread, temporary grazing restrictions are in place for Kern Ranger Station Pastures, Lower Funston Meadow, and Upper Funston Meadow.


Contact the Wilderness Office

Phone: (559) 565-3766
Fax: (559) 565-4239
E-mail: SEKI Wilderness Office

Contact the Commercial Services Office

Phone: (559) 565-4235
Fax: (559) 565-3730 (Attn: Commercial Services)
E-mail: Commercial Services

Last updated: February 14, 2024

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