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Research Prospectus

If you're interested in research opportunities in these parks, look at our Research Prospectus for guidance and identified priorities. We have a long history of supporting scientific research, and we invite you to "Find Your Science."

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Science and research are critical to the health of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. In this video, learn about current projects and the history of science in these parks, and consider joining us!


Learn more about how to apply for a Scientific Research Permit.

Resource Stewardship Strategy

In October 2017, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks’ completed a Resource Stewardship Strategy (RSS) to help guide park management through the coming years. The RSS is a long-range strategic planning tool that is informed by current, accurate science. The purpose of the RSS is to:

  • guide funding, planning, and implementation of resource stewardship activities, including science, direct management, and education;

  • track and evaluate progress in resource stewardship; and

  • integrate new ways of thinking about resource stewardship, including management tools that take into account the realities of climate change.

Resource stewardship activities span direct management, science, education, and their interconnections.

To learn more, read our overview of the Resource Stewardship Strategy, or view the full RSS Report, Appendices, and Overview.

Field biologist examines wetland soil profile to characterize wetland type.
A biologist examines a wetland soil profile to identify wetland type, Kings Canyon National Park.

NPS photo - Talia Chorover

Research Symposium

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks strive to host a science symposium every other year to share research needs and results with our community of researchers, resource management scientists, interpreters, and educators. In 2016, the parks initiated this effort as part of the NPS Centennial. To learn more, download the 2016 Science Symposium report.


For More Information

Download the following reports to learn more about resource stewardship strategies and natural resource condition in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks:

Resource Stewardship Strategy (2017)
Natural Resource Condition Assessment (2013)

Contact the park's Resource Management & Science chief Christy Brigham if you have questions about the parks' research priorities.

Last updated: October 17, 2023

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