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A lone cannon sits on a hill overlooking the Hudson River.  An explosion of autumn foliage adorns the river valley.
A lone cannon sits on a hill where the British River Fortifications once stood.

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It isn't difficult to imagine this incredibly scenic vista, overlooking the Hudson River, tempting British forces positioned here to forget how far away they were from their homes, their families, and all they were familiar with --if only for a moment.

British cannons and fortifications, on three separate small hilltops, here overlooked the Hudson River and the river road below. From this vantage point, British defenses also overlooked and defended their hospital, baggage storage, and additional artillery.

When the combined British forces began to retreat after the American capture of the Breymann Redoubt on October 7, they fell back to this position. By the next evening, October 8, they were in full retreat northward.


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