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Panoramic view of the Freeman Farm, site of the fighting on September 19, 1777, in the Battles of Saratoga.
Freeman Farm / Balcarres Redoubt

Saratoga National Historical Park

Image of several white marker posts with red tops depicting where the wooden defensive wall of the Breymann Redoubt once stood.
Wooden marker posts depicting part of the location for the log-and-earth defensive wall.

Saratoga National Historical Park


The high wooden walls and thick earthworks, now represented with lines of white wooden posts with red tops, formed an imposing defense against possible American attack. It is perhaps ironic the British found themselves here, as the Freemans were Loyalists, supporting the rule of King George III.

After fighting broke out in the Barber Wheatfield on October 7, British forces fell back to the Balcarres Redoubt, as well as to the nearby Breymann Redoubt. Their impressive fortifications on Freeman's farm were quite able to repel the American attackers. This position would not fall to the Americans, at least not directly.


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