Accessibility Information

Physical Mobility:


  1. The park administrative offices in Eads are fully accessible and have a designated accessible parking space.
  2. The park visitor contact station, located at the park near Chivington, has a single designated accessible parking space. This space adjoins an accessible walkway, which leads to the visitor contact station.
  3. The park visitor contact station is fully accessible.
  4. All walking trails at the park are sand-based with a ¼-inch crusher fine walking surface. They are compatible for wheelchair use; however, rain/snow and/or patches of soft sand may impede wheelchair use.
  5. The trail leading up Monument Hill is graded for wheelchair use; however, patches of soft sand and/or rain/snow may impede wheelchair-use and present obstacles to visitor enjoyment.
  6. The upper parking lot, at the base of Monument Hill, is an open parking area, with no designated parking spaces.
  7. Fully accessible restroom facilities are located at the park administrative offices in Eads, near the park visitor contact station, and in the upper parking lot, at the base of Monument Hill.

Interpretive Programs

  1. Two 30-minute Interpretive Hilltop Talks occur during regular park hours at 10 am and 2 pm at the Monument Hill Overlook. Access to Monument Hill and its overlook are via a dirt trail. Please see the above considerations about trail conditions. A shade-structure at the overlook contains benches and can accommodate up to eight visitors.
  2. Accessible restrooms are available at the visitor contact station and at the base of Monument Hill, in the upper parking lot.

Vision or Hearing Disabilities

Visitor Contact Station

  1. Braille brochures are available on request at the headquarters and at the site.
  2. The park film is not yet available. When it is completed, it will have captions.
  3. Wayside exhibits currently have no assistive listening devices, tactile maps, multi-sensory presentations, or audio descriptions.
Programs and Tours
  1. No assistance during programs and tours currently exists at Sand Creek Massacre NHS for visitors with vision or hearing disabilities.
Trails and Waysites
  1. Trails are sandy and often have loose soil or uneven surfaces, presenting tripping hazards to visitors.
  2. Visitors should be aware of their footing and beware of snakes, burrowing animals, or their burrows.
Service Animals
Service animals are allowed in national parks. For a definition of a service animal,
please see the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) definition.
  1. Water is only available at the visitor contact station. Please plan accordingly, especially during the heat of summer.Visitors are encouraged to bring water bottles and bowls as needed.
  2. Weather conditions vary greatly at Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site. Temperatures can range from below 30° to over 100° F and storms can produce severe thunderstorms and blizzards. These conditions can be difficult for visitors and service animals alike.
  3. Please be conscientious of the service animal's behavior and interest, as prairie rattlers are prominent at the site. Rattlesnake bites can be deadly to service animals.

The NPS policy on service animals is available online.


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