Gophers are amazing diggers and can create tunnel systems that can cover 200 to 2000 square feet. They love to tunnel in your yard where the dirt is easy to dig and the food is abundant. One gopher can produce 10-30 mounds in a months’ time and although it looks like an army of gophers may be digging up your lawn more than likely it is only one.

Please do not use anticoagulant poisons to control for rodents. Research has found that anticoagulant poisons kill more than the rodent that is a nuisance in your yard or house. Anticoagulant poisons have been detected in several non-target animal species; bobcats, coyotes, mountain lions, fox, hawks and owls throughout Ventura County and Los Angeles County. Anticoagulant poisons can also have unexpected consequences when your pets and even children are exposed to it.

Take Action

Rookie Changes

Usually successful Use traps designed for gophers and choose a design that is easy for you to handle and set. It might take some patience and a little effort to outsmart the rodent.

Might be successful Castor Oil throughout yard. The theory is it releases scent that repels moles and gophers

Might be successful Put your pets poop into tunnels. Cats and dogs are predator species and the smell of predator could frighten gophers away.

Might be successful Place moth balls in tunnels

Rock Star Changes

Usually successful Make cages for the root of individual plants and bury cage with root inside. This prevents gopher access

Usually successful Line the bottom of raised vegetable garden beds with wire hardware cloth before putting in soil


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Last updated: February 10, 2017

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