Zuleica and portrait sculpture
Interpretive Ranger Zuleica Gerardo poses with a bust of her created by Sculptor-In-Residence Amanda J. Sisk National Park Service (NPS photo)

Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site hosts the oldest artist residency program in the National Park Service. Begun in 1969 by the park's cooperating association, the Saint-Gaudens Memorial, the position plays an important role in the park's interpretive programs.

The sculptor-in-residence program is open to figurative sculptors who spend the open season from June-October working on their art and interacting with park visitors. The artist works in the historic Ravine Studio, located at the forest edge overlooking Blow-Me-Up Ravine.

Park visitors are able to interact with the sculptor, asking questions and thus learning about how Saint-Gaudens created the artwork they see at the site.

During the season, the sculptor also conducts a series of sculpture workshops, teaching the basics of figurative sculpture, mold making and casting.

Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site and Weir Farm National Historic Site recently initiated a project to better understand the current status and opportunities of the National Park Service Artist-in-Residence programs. As the only two National Park Service site dedicated to visual artists, both with active Artist-in-Residence (A-I-R) programs, we often find ourselves being consulted by other parks and offices in and outside the agency as sources of current A-I-R program information. The report on artist residency programs in the National Park Service was released in 2009, and is available in a pdf format.


Dan Willig - 2019 Sculptor in Residence

Dan Willig is the 2019 Sculptor in Residence at Saint-Gaudens NHS. He is a representational figurative sculptor. Learn about his sculptural process from clay to bronze. Dan will be at the Saint-Gaudens NHS through late September (participating in Sculptural Visions on 9/28) and will be working and demonstrating in the Ravine Studio as follows: Fridays: 9-4:30, Saturdays: 9-12, Sundays: 9-4:30. ►Read the Press Release

Sculpture Workshop Classes @ Saint-Gaudens NHS
2019 Sculptor-in-Residence, Dan Willig - Instructor

• Times: All classes will be held on SATURDAYS from 1:00-4:00 (dates listed below).
• Materials: All needed materials will be provided.
• Location: Classes will take place in the Caretakers Garage.
• Fees: $40 per class, payable with check only to Saint-Gaudens Memorial.
• To Register: Call 603-675-2175 ext. 106 (Limit of 10 students per class.)

► June 22 - Still Life Drawing at Saint-Gaudens - Learning the basics of constructive drawing

► June 29 - Sculpting Drapery - Introduction to working in clay

► July 6 - Portrait Drawing - Understanding the construction of portraiture

► July 13 - Portrait Sculpting: Part One - Learning how to sculpt a bust from observation

► July 20 - Portrait Sculpting: Part Two - Learning how to sculpt a bust from observation

► July 27 - Portrait Sculpting: Part Three - Learning how to sculpt a bust from observation


► Aug 10
- Sculpting from Photograph - Learn to sculpt using photo reference

► Aug 17 - Sculpting from Photograph - Learn to sculpt using photo reference

► Aug 24 - Relief Sculpting: Part 1 - Learn to sculpt a portrait in relief

► Aug 31 - Relief Sculpting: Part 2 - Learn to sculpt a portrait in relief

► Sep 7 - Relief Sculpting: Part 3 - Learn to sculpt a portrait in relief

► Sep 14 - Casting Relief - Learn to cast relief from workshop in plaster

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