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The beginning portion of the newspaper column
The first part of the September 2, 1872 column

September 2, 1872

The Daily Alta California newspaper starts a waterfront column describing maritime activities in San Francisco. The first article is called "The City Front." It will later be renamed "Wharves and Shipping" and then "Along the Wharves." The columns are reprinted and annotated in a 2006 compilation.
Photograph of two copies showing black centered typography on a cream background
Two copies of the launch invitation (SAFR 117)

(NPS photo)

September 4, 1915

The 9,000 ton turbine steamship Annette Rolph is launched at Union Iron Works, named for the wife of San Francisco Mayor James Rolph.
Typography against blue background on the left, over a black & white portrait of a baby, with a chart of the Pacific coast of North America on the right of the cover

September 5, 1902

Captain A.H. Sorensen, master of the Snow and Burgess, and his wife Marie welcome their daughter born at sea and name her Burgess, after their 5-masted schooner.
Color photograph of the stern section of the Niantic in the museum on display in front of the Hiler murals
Stern of the Niantic on display in the museum building (SAFR 9890)

(NPS photo)

September 8, 1872

Hull of gold Rush ship Niantic exposed during excavations for the foundation of a new building at the corner of Sansome and Clay. Both the Sacramento Daily Union and the Daily Alta California reported on the reemergence of the old storeship.
Centered typography above a black and white photograph of a pier building taken from an elevated view on land looking out towards the water with ships on either side of the pier

September 11, 1957

The San Francisco Port Authority is created.
Front and back cover showing a circular opening on the back cover and a black and white photograph of the Pacific Queen over black lettering on the front cover
One of the Park's copies of the Navigator's Time Indicator

(NPS photo)

September 12, 1944

Rose M. Kissinger's patent for a Training Aid, Serial No. 501,486, Navy Case No. 3546 officially matures to Patent No. 2,358,075, and is later published as a Navigator's Time Indicator. Rose M. Kissinger and her husband Frank were previous owners of the Pacific Queen, now Balclutha. She was also director of the Evening Navigation School in San Francicso.
Black and white portrait of James Fenimore Cooper over white lettering all on a black background

September 15, 1789

James Fenimore Cooper, a midshipman in the fledgling US Navy, is born. He will become a prolific writer.
Black and white technical drawing
One of Elmer Sperry's drawings submitted as part of his gyro-compass patent

September 17, 1918

Elmer Sperry is granted patent no. 1,279,471 for the gyro-compass.
Cream paper with printed text and organizational logos with multiple signatures at the bottom
SAFR 22027

(NPS photo)

September 21, 1991

A "Resolution of Cooperation" is signed by the California department of Parks and Recreation and the National Park Service Western Region to commemorate the although anniversary of the launching of the scow schooner Alma, the although anniversary of the California Parks Ranger Service, and the 75th anniversary of the National Park Service and to affirm their "continuing cooperation in the planning, development, and management of Park Lands and Water areas of the San Francisco Bay Region for the pleasure and education of the public."
Black and white photo of man standing next to large wheeled rope machinery
Tubbs Cordage Company, unidentified machinery, possibly verticle rope laying machines, San Francisco, Calif.

(SAFR 10248, P92-030.111pl)

September 23, 1856

Tubbs & Co. open their rope walk and produce the first lengths of locally made rope.
Rectangular white card printed in blue, encapsulated in clear plastic, with a safety pin on the back; for a "Member of/FIRST LAUNCHING CREW" at "MARINSHIP/ Sausalito, California" for the liberty ship "William A. Richardson" on 26 Sept. 1942.
SAFR 19747

(NPS photo)

September 26, 1942

The first vessel built at Marinship, the William A. Richardson, is launched after 91 days on the ways.
Newspaper text announcing the upcoming series The Price of Salmon
Newspaper announcement about the upcoming series of articles, The Price of Salmon

(Digital image by NPS)

September 27, 1922

The Daily News publishes the first installment of Max stern's expose of the salmon fishing trade called "The Price of Salmon."

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