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Two page spread of the manuscript journal with writing on the left and a drawing of the ship in waves on the right
Entry for April 3, 1849, accompanied by drawing of the Croton in the waves (SAFR 14299/HDC 91)

(Digital image by NPS)

April 3, 1849

H.W. Chittenden, enroute to San Francisco, writes about entering the Straits of Lumaire, accompanied by a drawing of the ship Croton in the waves." Read more about his sea journal held by the Park in collection SAFR 14299 via the links to blog posts under "Croton" on our Sailing Ships and SF Maritime Collections page.
Painting of sailing ship in inlet surrounded by hills across full book cover of A narrative of the voyage of H.M.S. Beagle
Cover of Research Center's copy of book

(Digital image by NPS)

April 4, 1832

Captain Robert FitzRoy steers the H.M.S. Beagle into Rio harbor, and Charles Darwin writes in a letter home, "We shall in all probability stay more than a month in Rio. I have some thoughts, if I can find tolerably cheap lodgings, of living in a beautiful village about four miles from this town. It would be excellent for my collections, and for knowing the tropics."
Two page spread with manuscript text on both pages and a drawing of the ship on the lower right

(Digital image by NPS)

April 9, 1849

H.W. Chittenden enroute to San Francisco draws the bark Croton laying to in a gale off of Cape Horn. Read more about his sea journal held by the Park in collection SAFR 14299 via the links to blog posts under "Croton" on our Sailing Ships and SF Maritime Collections page.
Color photograph of the carved, wooden figurehead on display
David Crockett figurehead on display (SAFR 8834)

(NPS photo)

April 9, 1857

Clipper ship David Crockett clears port of New York headed to San Francisco, California.
Black and white photo of port view of steam tug Hercules dockside
Steam tug Hercules at John H. Dialogue's shipyard in Camden, New Jersey, January 1908, before her departure.

(NPS photo)

April 11, 1908

Steam tug Hercules arrives in San Francisco under Captain Thomsen with her sister tug Goliah under Captain Hansen in tow.
Photograph of the ship Noonday's bell
SAFR 12979

(NPS photo)

April 11, 1934

Captain John Tarantino, master of the fishing trawler Junta, hauled in a piece of history when he discovered his fishing nets, set north of the Farallone Islands, contained the ship's bell of the clipper Noonday. The Noonday sank in that area 71 years earlier--read about it in pages 4-5 of Shipwrecks at the Golden Gate.
Newspaper text announcing the upcoming series The Price of Salmon
Newspaper announcement about the upcoming series of articles, The Price of Salmon

(Digital image by NPS)

April 15, 1922

Max Stern, undercover reporter for the Daily News, is transported to Pier 29 by the subcontractors Young and Meyers where he boards the 3-masted bark Emily F. Whitney as a member of the Chinese cannery crew in the Alaska salmon trade. On board he signs a contract written in Chinese and receives a $10 advance, both of which make him a virtual prisoner on board until the Whitney sails. He will later write about his experiences in the newspaper series, The Price of Salmon.
Open gold pocket watch showing inscription
SAFR 14336

(NPS photo)

April 17, 1914

The Board of Underwriters presents Chief Engineer Roy B. Goodwin with an engraved gold watch and chain and a month's salary to show their appreciation for the heroism he and his crew exhibited a month earlier when they attempted to save the steamer Cricket from the Portland, Oregon wharf fire. First Assistant Engineer H.G. Fowle and Second Assistant Engineer R.F. Blake each receive a month's salary and a letter of recommendation.
Drawings of mountain ranges on the page on the left, handwritten diary entries on the page on the right

(Digital image by NPS)

April 24, 1849

H.W. Chittenden draws three different sections of mountains in his journal while enroute to San Francisco on the bark Croton. Read more about his sea journal held by the Park in collection SAFR 14299/HDC 91 via the links to blog posts under "Croton" on our Sailing Ships and SF Maritime Collections page.
Blue and white illustration looking down on two men in a small sailboat
Cover of Norton edition

April 24, 1916

Ernest Shackleton sets out in a lifeboat from Elephant Island to get help for the shipwrecked men in his Antarctic expedition. The dangerous journey was successful and the men were rescued.

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