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Red lettering and stick figure on black background

(Digital image by NPS)

June 1, 1850

Alpheus B. Thompson writes to his mother Lydia, "You may think it strange that you do not hear from me oftener, but the fact is that since Steam has brought us so near together that it has actually been the cause of our further separation; before the Steam Ships commenced Running we had frequent opportunities by Sailing Vessels, but now all Sailing Vessels go direct to San Francisco and there the most part of them remain, the Officers & Crews go to the Mines and the Steam Ships touch only at the two extreme Ports in California, San Diego and San Francisco, and I am located half way or in the Center...but in a short time Steam Ships or Boats will visit all Ports in California when you may not be surprised if I pay you and my Brothers & Sisters an Evening Visit." -- China trade days in California / edited by D. Mackenzie Brown. - University of California Press, 1947, p. 53.
White page of a book with centered black printing

June 1, 1878

John Masefield, the poet who wrote the lines, "I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky, / And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by" in his poem "Sea Fever," is born in Ledbury, England. "Sea Fever," much collected, was published in his Salt-Water Poems and Ballads.
Black and white photo of the exterior of the restaurant and observatory
The time ball in 1885 atop the German Castle, a public observatory and restaurant that was on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco. (SAFR A11.272n)

(NPS photo)

June 3, 1888

U.S. Signal Service Bureau changed the time when the time ball was hoisted to the top of its pole from 11:50 to 11:55 so as to "relieve people's eyes and necks from too long a strain in watching."
Manuscript journal entries
The journal entries from June 4-5 (SAFR 14299, HDC 91)

(NPS photo)

June 4, 1849

On June 4-5, 1849, H.W. Chittenden, enroute to San Francisco on board the bark Croton, writes of crossing the equator and draws the stars in the Southern Cross. Read more about his sea journal held by the Park in collection SAFR 14299 via the links to blog posts under "Croton" on our Sailing Ships and SF Maritime Collections page.
Black and white photo of Scott in exploring gear
Cover of Scott of the Antarctic, a biography of Robert Falcon Scott

June 6, 1868

Antarctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott is born.

Color photograph of broadside view of ship model
Model of Sovereign of the Seas (SAFR 808)

(NPS photo)

June 11, 1869

The clipper ship Sovereign of the Seas arrives in San Francisco 142 days out of New York with a carrying the Central Pacific locomotive Gray Fox (CP 150).
Color scan of certificate with decorative typography and poppy motif
SAFR 22024

(NPS photo)

June 13, 1991

California State Senate issues a commemorative certificate to the National Maritime Museum proclaiming "Scow Schooner Alma Day" in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Alma's launching.
Newspaper column digitized from microfilm copy
First column of newspaper series, "The Price of Salmon"

June 15, 1922

Max Stern buys his way out of his Chinese cannery contract for $14.80 cash and the forfeiture of two months pay equalling $68. His experiences are detailed in his newspaper series, The Price of Salmon.
Color photo of the topographical model of the shipyard on a brown wooden stand
Marinship topographical model of shipyard, SAFR 8644

(NPS photo)

June 16, 1945

Marinship sets record by constructing and delivering the tanker SS Huntington Hills in 33 days--28 on the ways and 5 fitting out and completing trials.
Drawing of the sailing yacht Casco in between typography in black and white
Cover of Research Center's copy

(Digital image by NPS)

June 18, 1888

Robert Louis Stevenson moves on board the yacht Casco.
Black and white drawings in panels on page from Harpers Weekly
The Greeley Relief Expedition, the Bear, & the Thetis at the Brooklyn Navy Yard from Harpers Weekly (SAFR 12784)

(Digital image by NPS)

June 22, 1884

USS Bear and USS Thetis reach survivors of the Greeley expedition to the Arctic.
Silver chalice with engraving and surface decorations
SAFR 9095

(NPS photo)

June 26, 1897

Captain Thomas Yardley Powles of the British Ship James Kerr was awarded the "Jubilee Mercantile Marine Regatta" chalice for participating in the greatest number of races. The Regatta was held in honor of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.
First page of printed text of Public Law 100-348
First page of Research Center's copy of the printed text of Public Law 100-348, 102 Stat. 654, establishing the Park

(Digital image by NPS)

June 27, 1988

Public Law 100-348, "The San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park Act of 1988," establishes San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park.
Black and white photo from the deck, looking towards the bow, with San Francisco in the background
(SAFR 21374, B09.28,378pl)

NPS photo

June 28, 1958

The Gracie S. is photographed on San Francisco Bay with her lee rail under.

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