Junior Wagon Master

Sketch of Wagon Master Jake
Wagon Master Jake is ready to hit the trail with you! Wagons Ho!

Helen Kilian and Coreen Kolisko

Welcome! Glad to have you on the Santa Fe Trail wagon train! I'm Jake, by the way, the Wagon Master. It's good that you happened by, because I'm in need of helpers up and down the Trail! After you learn about the Santa Fe Trail and complete the activities, I'll make you an official Junior Wagon Master!

Hopefully you'll bring friends and family along on this adventure. When you finish a section of the trail, you'll earn a patch. There are four sections to the trail, so you have plenty of places to explore!

Options for Completion:

1. You can print the activity pages from the linked pages for Freighter (access within the Story Maps) and Bullwhacker (access as text activity pages):

2. You can work through all sections just using the Story Maps and the links to activity pages (no printing, view on phone or tablet, bring a notepad and folder)

3. You can request a booklet by emailing theSanta Fe Trail Association.

When you have completed at least eight (8) activities in a section AND you have had your work approved by a site, you may request a patch by contacting:

The Santa Fe Trail Association
1349 K-156 HWY
Larned, KS 67550

four different Junior Wagon Master patches
Be a Junior Wagon Master! Explore the trail and earn up to four patches!

Helen Kilian

Last updated: April 21, 2020

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