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In 2017, a team of National Park Service archeologists visited Saint Croix Island International Historic Site to study how erosion, driven by larger and more frequent storms, is affecting this fragile and important historic site. The geophysical survey results are contributing to planning for the treatment, protection, and management of the site's archeological resources. (Includes aerial footage from a drone operating under an authorized research permit.) Will Greene/Friends of Acadia

Interpretive Trail with exhibit and sculpture.


Audio files for the interpretive trail

If you are interested in listening to English, French, and Passamaquoddy audio files for the interpretive trail, visit our Audio Files for Interpretive Trail page.

Saint Croix Island in winter.
Panorama of Saint Croix Island in winter.

Tides Institute and Museum of Art

Interactive Panoramas

Are you interested in seeing panoramas of Saint Croix Island? Check out these great interactive panoramas taken of the island and surrounding area.

Allow 30 seconds for the interactive panoramas to load. Use your mouse to move around the image or the buttons located at the bottom of each image once it loads. If you wait long enough, the images will move on their own.

Saint Croix Island - Beach
Mainland - Shelter overlooking Saint Croix Island
Saint Croix Island - North - Summer
Saint Croix Island - North - Winter
Mainland - Interpretive Trail
Mainland - Ranger Station
Saint Croix Island - South - Winter
Saint Croix Island - South - Summer
Mainland - Entrance

Last updated: April 19, 2022

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