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Located in Maine, Saint Croix Island experiences all four seasons. Summer temperatures range from 50-80F (10-27C). Fall temperatures range from 25-70F (-4-21C). Typically the first is in frost mid-October and first snowfall begins in November and can continue through April with an average accumulation of 67 inches (170 cm). Winter temperatures range from 5-30F (-15 - -1C). Spring temperatures range from 20-60F (-6-16C).

Entrance Fees:

Saint Croix Entrance Fee - $0.00

There is no cost for visitors to enter Saint Croix Island International Historic Site.

Saint Croix Island Visitor Center

The visitor center provides information for the area and the history of Saint Croix Island, and marks the start of the interpretive trail leading out to the viewpoint overlooking the island.


Welcome to Saint Croix Island International Historic Site

The park is open year-round during daylight hours. Some park facilities are closed during the winter. Visit Operating Hours & Seasons for more information.

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Last updated: March 12, 2018

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