Historic black and white photo of the Hahn Memorial
Historic black and white photo of the Hahn Memorial situated in the Roger Williams National Memorial.
The places to visit described here are in or around the Roger Williams National Memorial. Some of these sites are directly related to Roger Williams's life while others are related to Providence history more generally. Each has their own unique story.

Places in and around the park

  • Front view of the Antram-Gray House

    Antram-Gray House

    An early 18th century structure with a late 18th century addition and serves as the visitor center for Roger Williams National Memorial.

  • Picture of the House that is located on the lot where Roger Williams lived and was buried..

    Roger Williams' House Lot

    Learn about the lot on which Roger's house was located and where he was initially buried.

  • Bright and colorful view of the Hahn Memorial

    Hahn Memorial

    The Hahn Memorial is dedicated to Isaac Hahn and designed by architect Norman M. Isham.

  • Picture of statue representing Roger Williams and Prospect Park

    Prospect Park

    Learn about Prospect Park and the final resting place of Roger Williams' dust.

  • Side view of a full green garden with a few yellow sunflowers growing along a brick wall.

    Park Gardens

    Learn more about the three unique gardens in the park.

  • Stone plaque along walkway with text that remembers Gabriel Bernon and his connection to this site.

    Bernon Grove

    Learn about the memorial to Gabriel Bernon. He was a Providence resident and founder of King's Chapel.

Last updated: January 6, 2023

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