Prospect Terrace

View from Prospect Terrace
A white granite statue of Roger Williams on the left of the frame overlooks the city, including trees, a church with a white spire, and tall buildings with many windows.
A short uphill walk or drive from the Visitor Center is Prospect Terrace. From this city park, take in the great panoramic views of Providence, including the First Baptist Church and the Rhode Island State House.

The park's Roger Williams statue was designed by Ralph Thomas Walker and dedicated in 1939. It is made of granite and is around 15 feet tall. Since no one knows what Roger Williams looked like, it is the artist's interpretation of Roger's appearance.

When Roger Williams died, he was buried on his property, up the hill from Towne Street. In an attempt to honor him, his remains were moved to the Old North Burial Ground in 1860. In 1939, his remains were moved into the tomb that lies directly beneath his statue at Prospect Terrace.


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Last updated: January 6, 2023

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