Classroom at Crater Lake

Students slides down a snowy slope at Crater Lake.
Students experience the path of least resistance while recreating snowmelt runoff at Crater Lake.

Stephanie Duwe Photo

Classroom at Crater Lake is the field trip that students want. Participating teachers love how students engage with their natural surroundings, learn important science concepts, interact with park rangers, exercise, and make great memories. Our program is free of cost, hands-on, and aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards.

Please explore the links below for information about our upcoming field season, how to reserve field trip appointments for each of your classes, and how to register your classes for the field trip.

For a closer look at the field trip curriculum, check out the following guides:

Spring Teacher Guide

Spring Student Guide

Students observe and record bud growth on old-growth mountain hemlock trees.
Students observe and record bud development on old-growth mountain hemlocks.

Stephanie Duwe Photo

Our spring snowshoe adventures are fully booked!

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email Education Coordinator John Duwe, or call 541-594-3092.